Kulen Elephant Forest

kulen elephant forest is a elephant sanctuary in Cambodia, near the Kulen mountain . Enjoy our cambodia jeep ride to the sanctuary and spend the day with the 14 elephants. We will visit other sites near the Kulen elephant forest and on the way back enjoy the view of the cambodian countryside.


Almost as spectacular as seeing the majestic elephants themselves is the journey to the Kulen Elephant Forest. You will travel on small dirt roads through the forest in a restored vintage jeep, giving you a unique view of nature at its best. Watch the elephants get ready for their day before heading into the forest together in the morning, and feed them their breakfast. An elephant's morning is a fantastic way to gain a better understanding of how these majestic creatures are cared for. Before bidding them adieu and heading out for your afternoon activity, you will retire to base camp at noon for a delicious traditional meal with our large residents. At the foot of a hill, not far from Elephant Kulen Forest, there is a small pagoda. The stairs will take you uphill to the pagoda, where you will see the surrounding countryside from atop the pagoda. Taking a dip in the pagoda's "pool" is also an option for cooling off.